The 1st-ever NFT Release from multi-disciplinary artist, Christiano Covino. With remixes from Web3's most talented musicians & increasing utility!

Don't miss out! Own a piece of music history!




Christiano Covino

SUPERHUMAN (Casually Remix)

Christiano Covino X Crypto Casually

SUPERHUMAN (Nessy Remix)

Christiano Covino X Nessy the Rilla

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2.8 ETH

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Is your NFT Superhuman?

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A Different Kind of Mint

Be part of Web3 History with a revolutionary new Mint Process!

Steadily increasing Mint Price!

Mint Price starts at .001 ETH, increasing by .001ETH with each new mint. Once 100 NFTs are minted, Mint Price increases by .01 ETH with each mint until minting ends on April 7th, 2023.

Liquid NFT - Sell at any Time!

During Mint Phase, all funds raised are held in the smart contract, so holders can sell their NFT instantly at any time through an "Automated Market Maker" so there's no need to wait to find a buyer on OpenSea.

Limited Supply, Matched with Demand

Total supply will be determined by how many NFTs are minted during the Mint Phase. Once the Mint Phase ends, supply will be capped. This will guarantee that our supply matches our market demand.


During Mint Phase, price will decrease by .001 ETH each time an NFT is sold. Once 100 NFTs are minted, price will decrease by .01 ETH w/ each sale. Discounts continue during Mint Phase, guaranteeing a fair price.

Project Roadmap

Here's our plan to reward our holders ads the price increases!

Connect with Christiano!

When Mint Price hits 0.01 ETH

Chat with Christiano & witness exclusive LIVE shows inside Christiano's Holders-Only Discord channel!


When Mint Price hits 0.1 ETH

Download the full 10-Track SUPERHUMAN Album & hear never-released songs recorded over the last 15 years.

Exclusive Merchandise!

When Mint Price hits 0.2 ETH

Discounts on Christiano Merchandise & access to purchase exclusive, Holders-Only Merchandise!


When Mint Price hits 0.05 ETH

Download Superhuman DRM-free PLUS download the music stems & make your own remix of Superhuman!

VIP Concert Access!

When Mint Price hits 0.15 ETH

Get free & discounted tickets to Christiano's live concerts & afterwards attend Holders-Only hangouts!

Free Signed SUPERHUMAN Vinyl

When Mint Price hits 0.25 ETH

Claim a FREE VINYL copy of the full SUPERHUMAN Album, complete with beautiful packaging, and autographed by Christiano.